A Case for Carrots


Raw, boiled, steamed, stir-fried, whole, chopped, julienned… There’s so many different ways to eat carrots!

Carrots are full of important nutrients, including beta carotene (which turns into Vitamin A), Vitamin C, fiber, and so much more. Vitamin A deficiency is a serious public health problem all over the world, one that heavily impacts the 55+ community. Vitamin A helps support the immune system, vision, and the heart, lungs, kidneys, and more. Vitamin C is perhaps best known for helping support the immune system. Fiber, of course, helps with digestion and heart health. You really can't go wrong with carrots!

What's the best way to eat carrots?
Raw carrots will give you the most nutrition, while boiled carrots lose some of that precious beta carotene. The more you cook a carrot, the more it loses it's nutrients, but a cooked carrot will still have nutritional value. Try shredding raw carrots over your food, especially salads, or put them in a smoothie!?