Meet Michael


Meet Michael! Michael is a trainer and coach at 55 Fitness. We asked him a few questions about his wellness journey.

How many years young are you?

I am 73.

What does your wellness journey look like?

I started my health fitness journey at 13, with weight training. While growing up, I ate whatever I wanted and I absolutely loved ice cream and sweets. My dad was always a health enthusiast although he smoked until he was 55. I was always active; running, swimming, jumping, and climbing trees! My freshman year in HS I wrestled at 116, my senior year wrestled 185 although I weighed 165-170! I have always weight trained and done calisthenics. I wrestled in the intramurals at college at 177 my freshman year, 190lb class sophomore, junior, and senior year. From 1968-1972 I was an ocean lifeguard every summer! loved to run on the beach. My weight has been relatively the same over 50 years; Approximately 190 plus or minus a few pounds. I eat much cleaner now, though. I had bypass surgery in 1996 and was working out within 2-3 weeks post bypass! I just turned 73 and workout practically every day; weight training, walking, boxing, and swimming during the summer.

Tell us about your weekly fitness routine.

My workouts consist mainly of weight training almost every day and cardio several times a week. I eat pretty healthy; lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish, a grass fed steak once in a while. I still have a sweet tooth!

How did you find 55 Fitness?

I met Sidney through a friend and started working at 55 Fitness several months ago. I train and coach at 55 Fitness! Hopefully to encourage and inspire others myage group, baby boomers!

What do you love about 55 Fitness?

It's not just a gym, it's family.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Form is so important!