Meet Sidney


Meet Sidney! Sidney is the manager at 55 Fitness. We asked him a few questions about his wellness journey.

How many years young are you?

I am 51 years young.

What does your wellness journey look like?

As a child, I played baseball, football, and hockey, and I ran track in between all of those. I was very active. College hockey, won a national championship. I started with personal training in New York City at a sports club. From there, I moved on to Fitness Manager in NY, and went to Life Chiropractic which brought me to Atlanta. In Atlanta, I made the jump from corporate personal training to private personal training for big name celebrities in Atlanta. My mother always preached about a well-balanced diet and health, she was always into holistic remedies and that type of lifestyle. It stuck with both me and my brother as we both decided to go to Life University to become chiropractors. I studied nutrition at Life as well.

Tell us about your weekly fitness routine.

I work out four times a week, doing cardio along with weight training and flexibility. I try to have a well-rounded diet; Lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins.

What do you like to tell your clients when they’re stating their fitness journey?

Find a routine that you can stick with. Talk about any difficulties that you may be having so we can figure out how to minimize the struggle. I want to encourage my clients to feel empowered! Fitness should be enjoyable.

What drew you to personal training?

Since I was an athlete in High School, a friend of mine who lived in NYC, who I played sports with, asked me to come to the city and interview for a job. I got the job and stuck with it for my adult life. I’ve been in the industry for 26 years.

What do you love most about personal training?

It keeps me young, active, and involved. I hear about the trends and ideas of health and fitness and I love that.

How did you find 55 Fitness?

It was primarily through word of mouth and referral, and meeting with Brendan (the owner of 55 Fitness). He has been there since it opened/was there for the buildout of the facility and ordered all of the equipment. I was there to help turn the lights on, and now we are running it as a full productive health spa.

What do you love about 55 Fitness?

I love the interaction with the people. I had never worked with a specialized population before. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying working with the 55 and above crowd.

The difference of 55 Fitness is that we have more awareness of what older bodies need, we have accountability, and we are more involved in people’s fitness goals. The fitness needs and goals you are more involved in trying to achieve.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

I find working at 55 Fitness to be more gratifying than anything I’ve done before.