Senior Wellness Day Expo

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Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day with 55 Fitness! Join us at the Ellard Shopping Center Parking lot for food trucks, giveaways, FREE group fitness mini classes, local business features, tours of the 55 Fitness facility, and more! Our Keynote speaker will be Jason Conviser, Ph.D, FACSM, FMFA Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Jason Conviser is a leading expert in metabolic assessment and exercise prescription for special need populations.

Dr. Conviser is a Fellow of American College of Sports Medicine and fellow of the Medical Fitness Association. Dr. Conviser is best known for his work with patients dealing with metabolic syndrome, obesity, and providing exercise strategies for those who “given up.” He is the author of eight books and invited speaker to 38 international conferences. 

Dr. Conviser's research interests include non pharmacological strategies to reverse osteoporosis through osteogenic loading. Dr. Conviser has conducted research and provided expertise to other researchers with a new technology called bioDensity, available at 55 Fitness which involves imposing specific force on the bone safely resulting in bone reformation. 

We'll also have SPECIAL DEALS available on National Senior Health and Fitness Day only! Event runs from 10am to 5pm on Wednesday, May 26.


If you’re a local business and you’d like to participate in the event, call us at (770) 676-9211 to reserve your spot.