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55 Fitness Hires Champion Freestyle Wrestler John Hanrahan to be Their New Operations Manager

55 Fitness is taking another step towards its commitment to providing top-notch fitness and wellness services for mature adults in the Atlanta area. The fitness center has recently announced its newest team member, John Hanrahan– a highly acclaimed fitness professional and former world champion freestyle wrestler. John will serve as 55 Fitness’ Operations Manager.

John Hanrahan’s Professional Accomplishments:

World-Class Wrestling Champion

John is a two-time NCAA All-American athlete, a two-time conference winner, and a four-time place-winner. His freestyle wrestling career is distinguished by winning the UWW gold medal in Walbrych, Poland, at 56. In addition to being a world-class athlete, he was an assistant wrestling coach at Penn State and American University and a head coach at Fordham University.

Fitness Professional

Our new Operations Manager is no stranger to the fitness industry. In fact, John has been featured in GQ magazine as “The guy to know for fitness.” Amongst other professional accomplishments, he trained the Hollywood elite, opened several fitness centers, and oversaw MedAssets’ employee health programs as the Director of Wellness. 

Helping Mature Adults Achieve Their Wellness Goals

With his extensive health and fitness knowledge, John Hanrahan will be an invaluable asset to 55 Fitness.

As the new Operations Manager, he will assist members in achieving better lifestyles through healthy habits and regular exercise. Part of his role involves creating tailored workout programs that suit our members’ unique needs, ensuring they get the most out of their fitness routines.

Ultimately, the hiring of John Hanrahan indicates 55 Fitness’s commitment to providing its members with the best wellness services in the industry. The fitness center is designed for mature adults aged 55 and older and offers low-impact machines, cardio equipment, and tailored tech-driven programs suitable for individuals and groups. With the addition of Mr. Hanrahan to their team, members can be confident that they will receive expert guidance and support in achieving their health and wellness goals.

In regards to his role, Hanrahan says, “I’m glad to play an integral role in bringing our 55 Fitness members the enormous benefits of well-targeted Physical Activity. My mission is to inspire and guide individuals toward better health. Our members represent a segment of the population with the most to gain through a specifically designed exercise program.” 

Bringing 55 Fitness to New Markets

55 Fitness offers unique franchise opportunities to individuals or groups looking to invest in the fitness industry. As such, John Hanrahan’s hiring will undoubtedly enhance the franchise’s reputation, making it an excellent opportunity for those interested in the fitness industry.

The owner of 55 Fitness, Brendan Skeen said about the hiring: “I believe John’s passion for helping others improve their quality of life through fitness and vast experience in the fitness industry will prove invaluable as 55 Fitness grows and expands into additional markets.”

Meet John and Try Out 55 Fitness Today! 

55 Fitness is delighted to welcome John Hanrahan to its team. We look forward to John’s exciting contributions as the new Operations Manager to aid in the journey of mature adults toward a healthier lifestyle.

Come meet John and take advantage of two complementary workouts at our Alpharetta location today!

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