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Stick to your resolutions - Happy New Year


No matter what it is you’re hoping to improve upon in 2022, we have some tips to help you stay on track!

Choose goals that are attainable, and be specific about what they look like. For instance, “Be healthier” is too vague: Try more specific outcomes like “Eat vegetables with every meal, work out three times a week, and go on a daily walk” instead.

Limit your resolutions to a small handful so that they’re manageable- two to five are a good number to go with. Prioritize them so that, if you need to make adjustments, you know which ones are most important to stick with.

Create a timeline for your resolutions: For example, are they something you want to do over the next 365 days, do you want to do them every week or every other week? Being clear with yourself about your expectations and timeline can help prevent the feeling of “failure” that you might get from not setting any at all.

Summarize your resolution(s) into a word or two and write it on index cards, sprinkling them all over your home. It can be a solid reminder of what you hope to achieve!

Remember that everything happens with baby steps. While goals may seem overwhelming at first, breaking them down into smaller, daily goals, can help with that feeling.

Avoid repeating past failures. For instance, if you know that something has prevented you from achieving your goal previously, problem solve on how to overcome it should it come up again.

Get support! If you know that you thrive with accountability, try sharing your goals and resolutions with someone you trust who will hold you to them. You might even have them do the same so that you can keep them on track, too!

Happy 2022 and may you stick to your resolutions!

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